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A simple introduction

My journey, like many, began from humble roots. Not long ago, I was stuck in a financial and emotional rut, and barely did anything or went anywhere. But in the last two years, my life has transformed into a nearly nonstop reel of global and domestic travel, the diversity and frequency of which has led a number of friends to ask me, “How the hell are you doing this?”

This is a fair question, because as a full-time working American, I have only three weeks of vacation a year, and I spend at least 40 hours a week in the office. I’m not independently wealthy, and I’m not making six figures either. Yet, I’ve accomplished an intense amount of exploration in spite of these constraints.

I’m here to share my adventures as well as my approach to taking them. To the disappointment of some, there is no simple answer. But there is indeed an answer, and I hope this blog can be of use to others who wish to see the world under time and budget constraints as well.

If you’re independently wealthy or have six weeks a year of vacation to throw around, then you may not like my approach. In fact, it may strike you as completely ridiculous, and you’re probably best off looking elsewhere for travel advice. On the other hand, if you’re short on time and don’t have a high-roller’s bank balance, then this just might work for you.

I acknowledge that my M.O. is not for everyone – it’s intense, it’s tiring, and it works by way of meticulous planning, sleuthing for deals, and skimping on luxuries. You do need some money to pull this off, but not as much as you might think. With the necessary will and diligence, you too can travel regularly, even if you don’t have that much time or cash to spare.

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